Hack: Bad Behavior for WackoWiki

bugs: -> implemented in R5.5.x
Compatible with: R5.x
Current version: 0.3
Credits: Sergey Martynoff, WikiAdmin

It is not in Bad Behavior release yet, so you can download it here:

1. About

Bad Behavior is a spam protection system that detects and blocks unwanted Web accesses.

2. Download

1. Bad Behavior:

2. Bad-Behavior plugin for WackoWiki:

Put the files in the following folders:

file folder notes
1. Bad-Behavior
bad-behavior/ lib/bad_behavior/ move the entire bad-behavior/ folder here
whitelist.ini lib/bad_behavior/ you must create this file, see whitelist-sample.ini
2. Bad-Behavior plugin for WackoWiki
tool_badbehavior.php admin/module/ optional, allows you to check the logs, access via admin panel
bad-behavior-wackowiki.php lib/bad_behavior/ plugin for WackoWiki
settings.ini lib/bad_behavior/ see Configuration

3. Installation

WackoWiki does not support automatic installation of plugins, so a few manual actions are needed

  1. First, download latest Bad Behavior release from official site and unzip to your site directory (I guess you've already done that). Then unzip "bad-behavior-wackowiki.zip" into the Bad-Behavior folder (so that "bad-behavior-wackowiki.php" and "bad-behavior-generic.php" reside in one folder).

  1. Then open "index.php" (located in root directory of you WackoWiki) in editor and find this line:


Insert the following line just BEFORE the located line:


  1. If you like to enable "screener" cookie for advanced protection, go to /themes/YOUR_THEME/appearance/ folder (where YOUR_THEME is the name of theme used on your site), open "header.php" in editor and add the following line somewhere (e.g. before the closing "</head>" tag):

<?php bb2_insert_head() ?>

That's all – now go to your site and check if it is still working.

3.1. Configuration

still uses the settings.ini

; settings.ini

display_stats = true
strict = false
verbose = false
logging = true
httpbl_key = ""
httpbl_threat = 25
httpbl_maxage = 30
offsite_forms = false
eu_cookie = false
reverse_proxy = false
reverse_proxy_header = "X-Forwarded-For"
;reverse_proxy_addresses[] = 
;reverse_proxy_addresses[] =

4. AdminPanel Module

5. Changelog

0.1 Intitial version
0.2 Ported to WackoWiki 5.1.0
0.3 Added module for Admin panel

6. To Do

  • make use use of secondary config
  • add notes for ideas, improvements

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