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--bugs:56-- - implemented with R5.0

===The problem===
The default formatting for dates and times in [[/WackoWiki WackoWiki]] is pretty much hard coded thru out the PHP code.  The day.month.year and year-month-day formats aren't natural for us westerners to read.

===The solution===
Adding some config options which allow the user to set the string passed into the date() function.

===A patch===
I've done an implementation from R4.2.  You can download the patch [[ here]].  The patch doesn't add defaults to 'wakka.config.php' file, so unless you're gonna re-run wacko setup you will need to add these manually.  See the code block below.

What i've done is add a few new items into the config.  You'll have to add these yourself if your applying the patch or all hell will break loose.

"date_format" => "m/d/Y",
"time_format" => "h:i a",
"time_format_seconds" => "h:i:s a",
"name_date_macro" => "%s (%s)",
"date_macro_format" => "m/d/Y h:i a",
The format strings are passed into the [[ PHP date() function]].  Use the the [[ date() reference]] to understand what each character means.

The 'name_date_macro' isn't directly related to date formats, but it was a simple change.  The first %s is the user name and the second %s is where the date goes.  This little change allows you to change the formatting of this macro.

===Future Implementation===
My implementation works well, but could probably use some improvements.  It's arguable if these things really belong in $wackoLanguage and not $config as it's sort of a localization issue.  You could also argue that it's a matter of personal preference and belongs as part of the user settings.

Also the change i made for 'name_date_macro' should be expanded into a more powerful configuration language for wacko macros.  Possibly in a way similar to how ""{{actions}}"" work.