Formatter: GeSHi Code Highlighting

Compatible with: R6.1
Current version: 0.3

Repo: community/formatter/highlight/geshi.php
GeSHi Documentation

1. Usage

Call via (geshi [formatter])

%%(geshi php numbers=1 start=35 lines=37) source%%

2. Install

  1. place the GeSHi lib under the lib/geshi/ folder
  2. add the GeSHi class to autoload.conf
    lib/geshi/geshi.php 			GeSHi
  3. add geshi.php highlighter to the formatter/highlight/ folder



// WackoWiki Wrapper for GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter

# require_once 'lib/geshi/geshi.php'; // -> autoload.conf

if ($options['_default'])
$language    $options['_default'];
$lines        = [];
$start        = (int) ($options['start'] ?? 1);
$header        GESHI_HEADER_PRE_VALID;

$geshi = new GeSHi($text$language);

    if (!empty(
$lines array_map('intval'explode(','$options['lines']));
$lines array_unique($lines);

    if (!empty(

$header = match ((int) $options['numbers'])
            default    => 

$geshi->enable_classes();            // use classes for highlighting (must be first after creating object)
$geshi->set_overall_class('code');    // enables using a single stylesheet for multiple code fragments
$geshi->set_tab_width(4);            // default: 8


$geshi->enable_line_numbers((bool) $numbers); // GESHI_NORMAL_LINE_NUMBERS GESHI_FANCY_LINE_NUMBERS, 2 GESHI_NO_LINE_NUMBERS
$geshi->start_line_numbers_at((int) abs($start));

    // get the stylesheet -> geshi.css
echo '<style type="text/css">';

echo '<!--notypo-->' "\n";
'<!--/notypo-->' "\n";

2.1. External stylesheet

GeSHi comes with a contrib/ directory, which in it contains a “wizard” script for creating a stylesheet.

geshi.css (incomplete)
/* GeSHi – syntax highlighting code */

.code .de1, .code .de2 {font: normal normal 1em/1.2em monospace; margin:0; padding:0; background:none; vertical-align\top;}
.code  {font-family:monospace;}
.code .imp {font-weight: bold; color: red;}
.code li, .code .li1 {font-weight: normal; vertical-align\top;}
.code .ln width:1px;text-align\right;margin:0;padding:0 2px;vertical-align\top;}
.code .li2 {font-weight: bold; vertical-align\top;}
.code .kw2 {color: #000000; font-weight: bold;}
.code .kw3 {color: #000066;}
.code .es0 {color: #000099; font-weight: bold;}
.code .br0 {color: #66cc66;}
.code .sy0 {color: #66cc66;}
.code .st0 {color: #ff0000;}
.code .nu0 {color: #cc66cc;}
.code .sc-2 {color: #404040;}
.code .sc-1 {color: #808080; font-style: italic;}
.code .sc0 {color: #00bbdd;}
.code .sc1 {color: #ddbb00;}
.code .sc2 {color: #009900;}
.code .ln-xtra, .code li.ln-xtra, .code div.ln-xtra {background-color: #ffc;}
.code span.xtra { display:block; } 

// add to theme/_common/_header.php
$this->add_html('header', '<link rel="stylesheet" href="' . $this->db->theme_url . 'css/geshi.css">');

3. Supported Formats

# Language Formatter
Actionscript actionscript
ADA  ada
Apache Log  apache
AppleScript applescript
ASM  asm
ASP  asp
AutoIT autoit
Bash bash
BlitzBasic blitzbasic
bnf  bnf
C for Macs c_mac
C# csharp
C++ cpp
C++ (+QT) cpp-qt
CAD DCL caddcl
CadLisp cadlisp
CFDG cfdg
ColdFusion cfm
CSS  css
Delphi delphi
Diff-Output diff
DIV  div
DOS  dos
Eiffel eiffel
Fortran fortran
FreeBasic freebasic
GML  gml
Groovy groovy
HTML html4strict
INI  ini
Inno Script inno
Io  io
Java 5 java5
Java java
Javascript javascript
LaTeX latex
Lisp lisp
Lua  lua
Matlab matlab
mIRC Scripting mirc
Microchip Assembler mpasm
Microsoft Registry reg
MySQL mysql
NSIS nsis
Objective C  objc
OpenOffice BASIC oobas
Objective Caml ocaml
Objective Caml (brief) ocaml-brief
Oracle 8 oracle8
Pascal pascal
Perl perl
PHP  php
PHP (brief) php-brief
PL/SQL plsql
Python phyton
Q(uick)BASIC qbasic
robots.txt robots
Ruby ruby
SAS  sas
Scheme scheme
sdlBasic sdlbasic
Smarty smarty
SQL  sql
TCL/iTCL tcl
T-SQL tsql
Text text
thinBasic thinbasic
Unoidl idl
VB.NET vbnet
VHDL vhdl
Visual BASIC vb
Visual Fox Pro visualfoxpro
WinBatch winbatch
XML  xml
ZiLOG Z80 Assembler z80

4. Changelog

0.1 Initial version
0.2 Updated to work with R.6.0
0.3 Updated to work with R.6.1, PHP 8 (Match expression)

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