Converter: OpenDocument2WackoWiki

Current version: 0.1
Credits: Sitnikov Dmitry

Simpe export filter.
Works with OpenOffice 2 and 3.

Can export:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Center,right align
  • Monospace fonts
  • Headers
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Simple tables (not colspan or rowspan)

Download at SourceForge

How to


  1. Launch Writer.
  2. From "Tools->XML Filter Settings..." choose "Open Package..." button.
  3. Select OpenDocument2WackoWiki.jar file


  1. From "File->Export..." choose " WackoWiki (*.txt)" format and save file.

To Do

  • Support rowspan and columnspan in tables
  • Support text and background colors
  • Support underline
  • Support references
    • e.g. now: <ref name="ftn20">^^//“Three Mirrors,” p. 16//^^</ref>

Usefull pages

Referring pages:

  1. Dev/PatchesHacks

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