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The MathFormatter is based on jsMath[link3] sf.net[link4], a JavaScript app for visualizing TeX formulas via display morphing.

After unpacking the math.tar.gz[link5] Download you must also unpack the jsMath-Package under js/jsmath/ (in particular the fonts to js/jsmath/fonts/).

1. Documentation

The MathFormatter is based on jsMath, a JavaScript app for visualizing TeX formulas via display morphing.
To visualize TeX math code, use %%(math) ... %% or %%(math outline) ... %% (it is like $...$ and $$...$$ in TeX) in your wiki page and finish this page with the action call at the end. Yes its ugly, maybe this will change sometimes.

2. How to

You can write GraphViz-Code inside %%(graphviz) ... %% and the wiki calls Graph Viz to render the image. Additionally you can configure the drawing algorithm (dot, neato, twopi ...) as a parameter, e.g. %%(graphviz twopi) ... %%. dot is the default value.

%%(math outline)1\leq\frac{n!}{\sqrt{2\pi n}\cdot(\frac n{\mathrm e})^n}\leq\mathrm e^{1/(12n)}<1+\frac1{11n}%%


1\leq\frac{n!}{\sqrt{2\pi n}\cdot(\frac n{\mathrm e})^n}\leq\mathrm e^{1/(12n)}<1+\frac1{11n}

2.1. Changelog

1.0 Intitial Version

3. To Do

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  1. Dev/PatchesHacks[link6]