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v. 3.20
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It is our effort to make Wiki user-friendly


v. 3.20
v. 3.0.1
  • Download here[link3], 18Kb.


See demo here: Sandbox[link4]

What is it?

Visual Editor for Wiki texts.
Main features:

WikiEdit screenshot

Basically, WikiEdit oriented on WackoWiki markup, but if you want another markup style, feel free to contact us.

What's new?

Keyboard shortcuts

Known Bugs and Limitations

Bugs we cannot fix yet

Known issues

Unknown issues


© Roman Ivanov[link5], 2003-2005
Based on AutoIndent for textarea, © Roman "Kukutz" Ivanov, EvgenyNedelko, 2003

Many thanks to Kuso Mendokusee[link6], Alexander Babaev, Evgeny Nedelko and Sergey Kruglov[link7].

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