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This is a list of projects, created and/or maintained by members of the ((/Org/Team WackoWiki team)).

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Along the development of WackoWiki there exist several sub-projects which can be of interest if you want to use some of the wacko components in other software projects.

===((!/SafeHTML SafeHTML))===
SafeHTML -- anti-XSS PHP filter.

===((!/Templatest Templatest))===
Template engine for WackoWiki

===((!/Translit Translit)) (deprecated)===
Translit - PHP and JS library classes for URL transliteration.

===((!/Typografica Typografica))===
PHP formatter for punctuation based on typographical standards.

===((!/UriRouter URI Router))===
Decouples the serve logic from Apache – to be server-agnostic.

===((!/WackoFormatter WackoFormatter))===
Standalone version of WackoWiki text formatter, ready for integration in other software.

===((!/WikiEdit WikiEdit))===
Javascript application: editor based on textarea that supports autoindent, shortcuts and toolbar for quick applying of wiki-formatting.