WackoWiki: R6.0 Database Schema Changes

https://wackowiki.org/doc     Version: 05.06.2021 06:31

1. Table changes

  1. changed field
    1. tag to VARCHAR(255) BINARY in page table
    2. cache_time to DATETIME in cache table
    3. log_time to DATETIME in log table
    4. rating_time to DATETIME in rating table
    5. watch_time to DATETIME in watch table
    6. cache_lang to VARCHAR(5) in cache table
    7. user_lang to VARCHAR(5) in user_setting table
    8. page_lang to VARCHAR(5) in page table
    9. page_lang to VARCHAR(5) in revision table
    10. category_lang to VARCHAR(5) in category table
    11. file_lang to VARCHAR(5) in file table
    12. menu_lang to VARCHAR(5) in menu table
    13. referrer to VARCHAR(2083) in referrer table
    14. email to VARCHAR(254) in user table
  2. removed field
    1. supertag from page table
    2. supertag from revision table
    3. to_supertag from page_link table
    4. account_lang from user table
    5. fingerprint from user table
    6. group_lang from usergroup table
    7. hits from file table

2. Database layout

table structure of WackoWiki R6.0 database

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a_schematic_of_wackowiki_r6.0_database_structure.png[link1] table structure of WackoWiki R6.0 database 114 KiB  05.06.2021 06:47 
a_schematic_of_wackowiki_r6.0_database_structure.svg[link2] table structure of WackoWiki R6.0 database 688 KiB  05.06.2021 08:07 
wackowiki_6.0.mwb[link3] MySQL Workbench 8.0 file for WackoWiki R6.0 27 KiB  05.06.2021 06:42 

MySQL Workbench[link4] 8.0 file for WackoWiki R6.0

3. Tables