R5.5 Database Schema Changes

See also Database Schema Changes for WackoWiki versions 6.1, 6.0.

1. Table changes

  1. added table
    1. auth_token
    2. file_link
    3. external_link
    4. session (optional)
    5. bad_behavior (optional)
  2. renamed table
    1. link to page_link
    2. upload to file
    3. category_page to category_assignment
  3. renamed field
    1. session_expiration to session_length in user_setting table
    2. parent to parent_id in category table
    3. session_time to last_visit in user table
    4. moderator to moderator_id in usergroup table
    5. changes_count to list_count in user_setting table -> default number of records per page in lists
    6. description to category_description in category table
    7. lang to page_lang in page and revision table
    8. lang to category_lang in category table
    9. lang to cache_lang in cache table
    10. lang to menu_lang in menu table
    11. lang to tag_lang in tag table
    12. lang to file_lang in file table
    13. lang to user_lang in user_setting table
    14. upload_id to file_id in file table
  4. added field
    1. user_ip VARCHAR(40) to user table
    2. sorting_comments to user_setting table
    3. description to category table
    4. account_lang to user table
    5. group_lang to usergroup table
    6. account_status to user table
    7. menu_items in user_setting table
    8. version_id to page table
    9. page_size INT(10) to page and revision table
    10. mimetype to file table
    11. assignment_id INT(10) to category_assignment table
    12. object_type_id INT(10) to category_assignment table
    13. object_id INT(10) to category_assignment table
    14. modified_dt DATETIME to file table
    15. files INT(4) to page table
    16. revisions INT(10) to page table
    17. license_id INT(10) to page table
    18. license_id INT(10) to file table
    19. author VARCHAR(250) to file table
    20. source VARCHAR(250) to file table
    21. source_url VARCHAR(255) to file table
  5. removed field
    1. revisions_count in user_setting table
    2. salt from user table, but remains in upgraded installation
    3. session_expire from user table
  6. changed field
    1. title to VARCHAR(250) in page and revision table
    2. edit_note to VARCHAR(200) in page and revision table
    3. name to CHAR(40) in cache table
    4. password to VARCHAR(255) in user table
    5. ip to VARCHAR(45) in log table
    6. ip to VARCHAR(45) in page table
    7. ip to VARCHAR(45) in referrer table
    8. ip to VARCHAR(45) in revision table
    9. user_ip to VARCHAR(45) in user table
  7. updated DEFAULT values for standard_handlers in config table
  8. added primary key referrer_id to referrer table

2. Database layout

table structure of WackoWiki R5.5 database

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MySQL Workbench 6.3 file for WackoWiki R5.5

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