WackoWiki: Roadmap

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WackoWiki is a non-commercial, all volunteer, Open Source project, and as such there is no formal list of feature requirements required for development. That said, there is an informal list of items that have been agreed upon by the WackoWiki developers as things that need to worked upon, known as the TODO list[link1]. Items on the list can be marked as completed in development, "claimed" by a developer and being actively worked on, or unmarked meaning that the item is likely not being actively worked on. Team members work on WackoWiki when they want to at their own speed.
So any future development depends on the contributions that will be made by its user community. Certainly working patches have a greater chance to become realized quickly than feature requests, but please don't hesitate to submit your suggestions to our issue tracker[link2].

The following features are planned to be implemented in a future version:





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