WackoWiki: Testing

https://wackowiki.org/doc     Version: 19.12.2018 15:16

Quality Assurance (QA): Test our release packages. Install them from scratch, try updates from previous versions, make sure everything is working, check if the upgrader works along the different (Repo)-Versions.

The chain breaks at the weakest link.

  1. TodoList[link1]
  2. https://wackowiki.org/lab/
  3. Setup a local Test Server[link2]



  1. Test new patches – try them out and see what breaks
  2. Do performance tests – compare versions & settings
  3. Do security audits
  4. Do benchmarks
  5. Do localization checks
  6. Check standards / spec compliance – SQL, XML, APIs, ...
    1. http://validator.w3.org/nu/
    2. https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
    3. https://validator.w3.org/feed/
  7. Test integration – does the new version work with all scripts & dbs?
  8. check error logs
    1. \apache\logs\error.log
    2. \php\logs\php_error_log
  9. set 'debug' in secondary config to 3
  10. set PHP_ERROR_REPORTING in config/constants.php
    define('PHP_ERROR_REPORTING',	5); // PHP error reporting: 0 - off, 6 - all
    1. Fatal error
    2. Parse error
    3. Warning
    4. Notice

Test version:
wacko.r5.5.9.zip[link14] (1.8 MiB)

Please download the program, take it for a test-drive and tell us what you think.
BETA versions are always for testing purposes only.

Development version
wacko.tar.gz[link15] (see Repository[link16])

Keep in mind, that this is still an alpha version – so be advised to not use it for production data!