Default Theme

Compatible with: R6.0
Current version: 1.7
Credits: WikiAdmin, RideSnowNow

Theme repo: theme/default

Default theme (large screenshot)

1. Download and installation

  • The default theme is part of the distribution package.

2. Features

The theme has been designed for all options you got by the wacko markup. It contains a small main navigation including the input field for the keyword search. At the header you find the link to the login or registration page or if logged in links to the user page, account settings and logout.

3. Structure

<div id="mainwrapper">
    <div id="header-main">
      <div id="header-site"></div>
      <div id="login-box"></div>
    <nav class="menu-main">
      <div id="menu-user"></div>
      <div id="page-handler"></div>
    <nav class="breadcrumb"></nav>
    <article id="page"></article>
    <div id="header-files"></div>
    <div id="header-comments"></div>
    <nav class="footer"></nav>
      <div class="page-meta"></div>
    <div id="credits"></div>

4. Customization

First copy the theme to a new folder, e.g. theme/default_custom, to not accidentally overwrite your changes during a update or rollback.

To alternate the HTML just edit the files in the folder:



To change colors/etc and typographical formatting you can edit the files in the folder:



/* == Edit your main menu here ====================================== */
$menu = [
	'WikiSite' => 'Name of Site',
	'YourHomePage' => 'Homepage',
	'' => 'Go away'
/* == Stop here! ... and let it flow ================================ */

You can add i18n features when you add those menu targets and their names to the translation files which you find at lang/ folder.

5. Bugs, Proposals & Support

For bug reports and feature requests you can write to

6. License

The Default Theme is part of the WackoWiki package.
BSD license.

6.1. Icons

Icons were taken from the Breeze (Plasma 5 icon theme) icons set.
Icons are licensed under the LGPLv3

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