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Compatible with: !!(green)**R5.0**!!
Current version:
Credits: ((user:DaCon DaCon))

Theme repo: ((source:5.5/community/theme/nifty 5.5/community/theme/nifty))
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Download YourTheme [..] archive, unzip it and copy the xyz_theme directory to your themes folder of the WackoWiki installation.

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||R5.0 | |01.010.2011 | ||
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Edit your config settings and set 'theme' => 'Nifty' via Admin panel.

User may also select this theme on the user settings page.

Describe here short the features and design goals of your theme.

menu, CSS, header, footer, sidebar, localization 

For bug reports and feature requests you can write to [email | issue tracker]


The XYZ Theme is released open-source under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 licence – except the backend icons, they are taken from [..] icons set by [..].


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