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A WikiName is formed when two or more alphanumeric words are joined together.  每一個單字的首字母都採用大寫字母,例如:

  * **~MyWikiSite**
  * **~WikiAdmin**
  * **~JohnSmith**

When you write a WikiName on a page in Wacko it will automatically become a link to a page by that name, this saves you from having to remember long URLs and makes the creation of inter-page links simple.  If we wrote the following on a page:

<[ My name is ~JohnSmith. ]>

That sentance would be rendered by Wacko for any clients reading the page as:

<[ My name is [[/JohnSmith JohnSmith]]. ]>

===Picking a User Name ==

Your username **must** be a valid Wiki page reference, which consists of two or more words smashed together (eg. ~HomePage, ~UserName). Easy, isn't it?

%%(info type="note")
默认关闭了驼峰式命名,可以通过 ##disable_wikilinks## 配置项开启。
---"" ""---
With wikilinks disabled all internal links must be set in double brackets.
*| 启用 | 无效的 |*
||TextSearch|~((TextSearch)) ||
||Users/WikiAdmin |~((Users/WikiAdmin)) ||

To re-enable them, set ##disable_wikilinks = 0,## via config table or ((/Doc/English/AdminPanel Admin-Panel)) (Preferences -> Formatter).