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**Ivan Illich on learning webs**

Educational resources are usually labelled according to educators curricular goals. I propose to do the contrary, to label four different approaches which enable the student to gain access to any educational resource which may help him to define and achieve his own goals:

1. **Reference services to educational objects** - which facilitate access to things or processes used for formal learning. Some of these things can be reserved for this purpose, stored in libraries, rental agencies, laboratories and showrooms like museums and theatres; others can be in daily use in factories, airports or on farms, but made available to students as apprentices or on off-hours.

2. **Skill exchanges** - which permit persons to list their skills, the conditions under which they are willing to serve as models for others who want to learn these skills, and the addresses at which they can be reached.

3. **Peer-matching** - a communications network which permits persons to describe the learning activity in which they wish to engage, in the hope of finding a partner for the inquiry.

4. **Reference services to educators-at-large** - who can be listed in a directory giving the addresses and self-descriptions of professionals, paraprofessionals and freelances, along with conditions of access to their services. Such educators... could be chosen by polling or consulting their former clients. (Illich 1973a: 81)%%

Einsatz von ((../WackoWiki WackoWiki)) in der Schule oder Universität
Studierende können gemeinsam an Texten auf einer Website arbeiten, Dokumente austauschen oder sich in Gruppen organisieren.

In Erinnerung an die Zeit des Studiums, wird klar, dass das das Wiki eine geniales Werkzeug für die Erstellung von Vorlesungsunterlagen, Skripten und Laborübungen in elektronischer Form ist.

Es ist verständlich, dass es ...
  * praktisch ist, wenn der Tutor den Entwicklungsprozess einsehen und falls notwendig korrigieren kann.
  * es notwendig ist, to divide summary on the part on the chapters/to lectures in order to simplify the simultaneous editing
  * even with this condition conflicts "simultaneous change" will be sufficiently frequent
  * is necessary the method to pump out entire summary for offline use, at least for reading

Wackowiki kann ebenso für die Seminararbeit, Diplomarbeit oder Doktorarbeit eingesetzt werden.

Diese Ziele können durch den Einsatz von ((../WackoWiki WackoWiki)) erreicht werden:

  * Interaktives Schreiben der Studenten, unter der gegenseitigen Einbeziehung von Ideen
  * Ein Bewußtsein am kollektiven Lernen 
  * Analysis focused on textual details
  * Einfaches Hochladen von Text und Bildern
  * General simplicity & elegance, overcoming the sometimes cluttered nature of Wikis
  * A search function adding richness to the site by suggesting related material
  * Flexibilität in der Navigation

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  * kleiner ((Schule Leitfaden zum Einsatz in Schulen))

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