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===About this tool===
You can use this tool backup the database for your site

===How to use===
====You need this====
  * MySql Admin Tool (Only need for mode two)
  * MySql Full Access Permission

====Ready works====
  * !!(blue)Stop your server (only need for mode two)!!

====How to backup====
=====Mode one=====
  1. Open admin panel (if admin panel locked, you can use ((/Doc/English/AdminTool/UnlockYourAdminCenter this tool)) unlock your admin center,else if your not create a crypt admin panel password, you need view ((/Doc/English/AdminTool/CryptAdminCenterPassword this support document)) create one)
  2. Open ++"Backup"++ tab
  3. Clcik ++"Backup All Data"++

=====Mode two=====
Use MySql Admin tool to export database