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===Text formatter==
in the WackoWiki ((/Download installation package)), the following text formatters are included:

Allows you to generate IM messenger logs in a readable form.

Allows to display any code in any programming language. This code is not interpreted by the Wacko formatters.

The text that is commented out is not displayed.

==== noautolinks==
stops the automatic formatting of a WikiWord

detailed description under ((Typografica)).

==== php==
shows the code in PHP syntax

==== post_wacko==== 
internal formatter, use is not necessary

==== pre_wacko==== 
internal formatter, use is not necessary

==== wacko==== 
internal formatter, use is not necessary

==== sql====
shows the code in the SQL syntax

==== typografica==== 
detailed description under ((Typografica)). 

==== wiki==== 
Standard formatter that ensures the correct use of the wiki formatting rules.

=== Call a formatter === 
 Any formatter can be called using the following syntax:
##""%%(Formatter) Text %%""##

If no name is specified, the formatter ##code## is used.

It is not necessary to call the formatters ##wiki## and ##typografica## separately, they interpret any text as a presetting.

If this is not set in the configuration file ('default_typografica' = > '0'), then it is possible to call the text with typografica by ##""%%(typografica) for example -- dash%%""##.

===Create a new formatter=== 
It is necessary to create a PHP file that takes the input variable ##$text## and output the result with stdout (for example, using echo / print), and is placed in the /formatter folder.

If you have created a new formatter and it works, (( send)) it to us.

Most likely, we'll take it on this page or in the next version of WackoWiki. Thanks in advance.

Wiki text formatter: ((/Dev/Projects/WackoFormatter WackoFormatter))