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Syntax: [[^ text of footnote here]]

autogenerates the footnotes at the end of the page, e.g:

Text here[[^ text of __first__ footnote here]] and more Words[[^ text of **second** footnote here]]	

Text here[1] and more Words[2]


You can mix individual denominators and auto-numbering (introductory footnotes & reference footnotes).

  • [[^ footnote]] auto-numbering (default)
  • [[^§ footnote]] allows you to set individual footnote denominators
    • allowed denominators are alphanumeric characters and *, †, ‡, §, ‖, ¶
    • If an already defined footnote denominator is reused, it defaults to auto-numbering.
  • [[^#10 footnote]] resets start for auto-numbering
  • [[^c]] an empty reference refers to an existing footnote, if there is one


  • footnote fail if they contain a line break
  • does not work with included pages


text of first footnote here
text of second footnote here

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