Syntax: [[fn text of footnote here]]

autogenerates the footnotes at the end of the page, e.g:

Text here[[fn text of __first__ footnote here]] and more Words[[fn text of **second** footnote here]]

Text here[1] and more Words[2]


  • discuss syntax
  • footnote fail if they contain a line break
  • does not work with included pages


text of first footnote here
text of second footnote here


  1. Legend

    I think it would be nice to give the user the opportunity to name the field with footnotes depending on the content. For example, in one article it can be "Notes", in another "References" or "List of ..."
    Such as "legend" for textarea.
  2. We should parse footnotes like the toc

    An additional action could be used to determine where and if the footnotes should be shown. Furthermore the user should be able to set custom foot note tags like dagger and so on
    • WikiAdmin
    • 24.07.2019 10:03 edited