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===Personal settings===

Once you miss the email for a particular page change or don't visit the page (or ignore the email), you will not receive any more emails for that page. You can still dutifully monitor that page by its watchlist edit-summaries, but its particular email notification flag will remain unset until you visit it. This facilitates monitoring a large watchlist while preventing potentially useless emails to you.

===Personal  Messages===
Sending personal messages carried on the email-address recipient without disclosing your address. The recipient will be able to respond to you, using similar form on your profile page.

===Global default settings===

===Troubleshooting Email Notifications===

Not receiving notification emails

I’m not receiving email notifications.
  1. your wiki e-mail system must be working
  1. e-mail address must be marked as confirmed
  1. there are never notifications for your own changes
  1. you must have allowed receiving email notifications
  1. only one notification is sent for the first page change of a page you are watching by default
  1. notification is automatically re-enabled when you visit the current version of the page
  1. you also can clear all notification flags at once (see watchlist)

I keep receiving email or text notifications I don’t want.
  1. Please check your account notification settings.
  2. Unsubscribe from the pages you won't watch any longer (see watchlist).
  3. Change the options for receiving notifications for page changes or comments.