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**Problem:** there are two different tasks - to put plain text into a wiki, so that it is displayed unmodified; and to put HTML into a wiki, so that it is displayed unmodified, i.e. rendered by the browser.

**Proposed solution:**
  1. The double quote syntax solves the first problem. On their contents, ##htmlspecialchars()## is executed. !!Done!!.
  1. The second problem is solved by the new syntax. !!Done!!.
    1. The ##""<# #>""##  is proposed. 
  1. In the second task, depending on the option in the configuration file, the dangerous HTML code is removed or not removed. !!Done!!.
    1. see ((/Dev/Projects/SafeHTML SafeHTML)) - anti-XSS HTML parser

Dangerous code is:
  * attributes on*, data*, action="javascript:", href="javacript:", dynsrc.
  * tags <object>, <layer>, <ilayer>, <frame>, <iframe>, <script>, <embed>, <applet>, <bgsound>, <style>, <link>, <body>, <meta>, <frameset>.
  * strip dangerous CSS.
    * position: (but not backgound-position:)
    * @import
    * @font-face:
    * expression
    * behavior 
  * For subject, it is suggested to do ##strip_tags()## with some small set of allowed tags, like i, a, b, s, strong, strike, u. The style attribute should also be removed.