Owner of pages

Refactoring - this is the only known way to avoid turning our knowledge base in a bunch of knowledge. This method assumes responsibility for the possession of the page and some culture of ownership.

In an environment such as wiki, which anyone can edit, where discussions are right in the body of the page, and there is something is deleted, appended, are placed some temporary marks (especially in the drafts), any page soon turns into completely unreadable mess. A couple of people most actively involved in the work, can still understand it, but another developer is no longer under force.

To avoid this, each wiki page requires periodic revision and correction. This is called refactoring. But who will it? The site and wiki administrator? He already enough work, and then there is a lot of pages! Really there is no solution?

There is a solution! Each page has an owner, which this task must be able to do. Because he need only look for your pages. If he does not feel responsible, the right to transfer control (together with the right of ownership) to another user wiki.

You can select multiple circuits, which are supported by varying degrees of page order and eliminates the effects of random influences, such as attacks wiki-spammers and squatters or edits are not too experienced users.

From time to time on the page, open to all, lapping strange characters who removed the contents of pages inserted random links to your (or others') sites, write obscenities. Some even try to settle in a place where there were only your pages.

One of the mechanisms for containing such inappropriate behavior - a system CAPTCHA (automatic Turing test), but it is able to withstand a massive attack robots. Another way - very difficult for unauthorized visitors and strangers. But in many cases this is unacceptable or uncomfortable so that we have to put up with the attacks. In such cases, it is important to receive timely notice of the attack.

With this function copes "observation" for the page. Note the reference to "follow" at the very top of the page and remember the good. It is useful to you. "Watching" by page, you'll receive in the mail reports on the changes observed pages and be able to promptly respond to the attack.

In this situation, it is enough to open the latest edition of the page untouched by the attack and re-save it. This will return the page to the previous normal state. Of course, in the case of continued attacks have access to the page limit.

Structuring the page is usually concerned with the post-proof and conducting discussions in the body of the page. Remember that not all participants are fluent in wiki-markup and know the procedure for doing wiki-discussions. So many pages and discussions lose their neat appearance, if no "combing" them, resulting in conformity with the rules of formatting.

The same requirement applies to keeping up to date description of the page and a list of key words and then, and more are available in the Properties tab. This is necessary to simplify the search for information directly on the site, and for the correct indexing of pages search engines Google, Yandex and other.

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