WakkaWiki  Wacko Wiki is based on the latest WakkaWiki version (0.1.2)

===History of WakkaWiki===

WakkaWiki is a legendary wiki engine, written in PHP with a MySQL backend. Developed by ((user:CarlosZottman Carlos Zottman)) and ((user:HendrikMans Hendrik Mans)), it rapidly grew into one of the most popular CMS for small intranets and collaborative projects, thanks to its lightweightness and its easily hackable code.

In 2003, the development of WakkaWiki came abruptly to an end, although a large community of contributors was still actively posting bugfixes, extensions and new functionalities. Lacking further maintenance, Wakka ceased being attractive to new users and saw most of its contributors migrate to one of its many forks. Today, WakkaWiki survives in a number of forks, sharing the same ancestry but pursuing their own visions. It is for this reason that WakkaWiki was nominated as one of the best wiki engines ever (see the ((http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiEngineHallOfFame WikiEngineHallOfFame))).

**Notable forks:**
  * ((/HomePage WackoWiki))
  * ((http://www.wikini.net/ WikiNi))
  * ((http://wikkawiki.org/ WikkaWiki))

As of September 2004 the original WakkaWiki domain appears to be defunct. The original **WakkaWiki** site whose ((http://web.archive.org/web/20030811164751/www.wakkawiki.com/WakkaWiki latest version)) is still archived on the ((http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://wakkawiki.com WayBack Machine)).

original is located at: ((/Doc/English/WakkaWiki))