Wiki Nature

This is one wiki way (and almost for sure not the only one.) The wiki way will be our way, the one we create every day with our feelings, thoughts, and actions. So be careful and respectful and we will all benefit from this.

The Wiki Nature is typing in a bunch of book titles and coming back a day later to find them turned into origami birds floating in the Amazon.

Writing on Wiki is like regular writing, except you get to write so much more than you write, and you get to think thoughts you never thought. Like minimalist Japanese brushstroke drawings, you provide the few, elegant slashes of ink, and other minds fill in the rest. It befuddles and enlightens.


In the doing is found the true meaning of the wiki nature. Really, it's not accurate to talk about a WikiNature, we would do better recognizing that Nature, itself, is Wiki.

See WikiNature for more.