table of contents does not appear

Hello, I installed the new version 6.1.15 and I notice that the first time I open an article the table of contents is blank

but when I refresh the page with f5 or re-enter .... this never happened with the previous version.


  1. Re: table of contents does not appear

    Yes, the installer purged the body_toc. After a page reload the toc is rebuild. I changed the format of body_toc for better redability, now with line feeds. All good.
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    • 16.11.2022 17:49 edited
  2. Re: table of contents does not appear

    You can use the recompile option in the Admin panel. But the first page call will do the same.

    For the other issue, please replace the edit.php handler with the version from the repo head. I updated the release files.
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    • 18.11.2022 17:44 edited
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