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**!!(green)R6.1.17!!** is out **((** (2.1 MiB) ((/Dev/Release/R6.1/ReleaseNotes Release Notes))

  * 10.01.2023: 17th Maintenance Release  -> Files updated to ((Commit:0ce8f2e55ebbf571193752ae12bc3a8700bee380 0ce8f2e5))

This is a major release. 

====Notable in this release:====
  1. adds new PHP 8 functionality
  2. adds RTL theme support
  3. complete Chinese Simplified translation
  4. adds section edit support

This branch drops support for PHP 7 to implement new PHP 8 functionality such as Match expression and ##str_*()## functions along with other goodies.

((/Dev/Release/R6.1/ChangeLog Full WackoWiki 6.1 changelog))


If you want upgrade from a previous version follow ((/Dev/Release/R6.1/Upgrade these instructions)).

  * ((/Dev/Release/R6.1/Upgrade upgrade path for R6.0))  is provided
  * ((/Dev/Release/R6.1/Dependencies requires PHP 8.0 - 8.2)) (PHP 8.0 recommended)

====Source Downloads====
Clone repo
%%git clone -b 6.1.17
All installations that are currently running any 6.0.x version are advised to upgrade to this release.

{{comment page="/Forum/Discussion/UpgradeTo6.0" text="Leave a comment here"}} if something is not clear or you have further questions.