WackoWiki: Release Process

https://wackowiki.org/doc     Version: 05.05.2021 12:30
Release early, release often. This is a mantra from free software communities. It's accurate. You want to do your design work in the open, and get critical feedback as early as possible.

1. Stages

2. Issue tracker

3. Change Log

4. Release Notes

5. Build packages

Set back error reporting level in constants.php

Set back error SQL mode to permissive in config.php
'sql_mode_strict' => '0',

6. Repository

7. Update Files

7.1. Update file references

wacko.r6.0.19.zip[link1] (2.1 MB)

Test version:
wacko.r6.0.19.zip[link1] (2.1 MiB)

Development version
wacko.tar.gz[link2] (see Repository[link3])

8. Release notices and announcements