WackoWiki: Release Process

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Release Process

Release early, release often. This is a mantra from free software communities. It's accurate. You want to do your design work in the open, and get critical feedback as early as possible.

1. Stages

2. Issue tracker

3. Change Log


Feed Title: wackowiki

WackoWiki 6.1.25[link1]

… – Changes: Bug fix release for 6.1.x series, removed deprecated Pragma: no-cache header and Expires: header, fixes If-Modified-Since conditional requests issues, fixes invalid ETag, fixes various Cache-Control header issues, fixes missing height width value for external img links, adds option to transliterat

WackoWiki 6.1.24[link1]

… – Changes: Bug fix release for 6.1.x series, sets direct link to diff handler in feed and change notice, sets 'abuse_email' as the Sender email (return-path) of the message, updated Português translation, random action redirects logged-in users now also to pages with registered users as read permission, ena

WackoWiki 6.1.23[link1]

… – Changes: Bug fix release for 6.1.x series, fixes error creating cache table, fixes missing byte factor, minor installer fixes, adds option to enforce email confirmation and blacklist email domains, adds regex pattern for action and formatter, adds backup note option

4. Release Notes

5. Build packages

Set back error reporting level in constants.php

Set back error SQL mode to permissive in config.php
'sql_mode_strict' => '0',	

6. Repository

7. Update Files

7.1. Update file references

wackowiki-6.1.25.zip[link2] (2.2 MiB)

Development version
wacko.tar.gz[link3] (see Repository[link4])

8. Release notices and announcements