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You can't break anything, all previous versions of a page can be easily restored.

  • Check the bullets
  • yes it continues until you double enter – like it 
  1. The numbering the same
  2. Yes – great

Headings good

Highlighting and marking

Title of table
First cell second cell
123 456

Link to this page



Test for my Company* by me**
Test for my Company using numeric footnote1 again by me2

* Company Name
** ((user: ))
1 Company Name NF
2 ((user: )) Në

Just testing

Very nice day

Warm and sunny

Try a table

b c
g h

Wacko Formatter Settings

Let me try this out.

h1: This is a heading

Testovací nápis

测试中文( Test for chinese)

 select * from dual;

This is just a quick edit from rob. Just testing out this new software.

  • dffd
  • dfgd

Hmm, this doesn't look too bad.


ttt ttttt

Gewoon eens zien hoe dit werkt
en hoe werkt een naar is link?

Embed code Test


1.1. Introduzione

Questa è pagina di prova per verificare le funzionalità dell'editor.

check this out!

this is
a table

Marked text

Può darsi sia stato io tempo fa a creare queste righe

La mia sorpresa è che a differenza di Wikkawiki Wackowiki continua ad essre sviluppato,

ora sono nel dubbio se passare a Wackowiki ed abbandonare Wikkawiki che peraltro mi piace tantissimo.

Ci penserò.

Alcune funzionalità dell'editor però non hanno effetto

Foxy Headline

The quick brown fow jumps over the lazy dog


This is the sandbox!

But what about how to add images?
WackoWiki Logo


OMG. I spent the last few days searching for a Wiki engine to use for my Master Thesis. After looking at PmWiki, MediaWiki, TWiki, Trac, PhpWiki, DokuWiki and other engines, I must say this one seems the way to go. It comes with everything I need OutOfTheBox?. I've used PmWiki before but this one seems great.

test: "this is a string" 'and this one too'

embed video:

The original WikiWikiSandBox page now known as WikiWikiSandbox which was started as a link from this page in 1997 [the page was in the internet archives which took a snapshot of that page back in December, 1997] Here is the link to that page at the Internet Archives:

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