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Hi, I am Russian and a small know English & [[ NPJ]]. If you want, I can translate some documentation of NPJ from Russian to English.

НПЖ мертв, да здравствует НПЖ!

You are already know, that we have help documentation in two place:
* -- official from developments NPJ (some times in English)
* -- from other users (in Russian only)

So, I think that very interesting and very hard to understand Actions. Documentation for [[ user]] and [[ developments]]. [[ My version]] is very small, transtae in ((!/NpJaction))

my help pages ((!/TestWacko)) + IMISEWiki:Wiki/TextFormatting + [[*/http%3A// OldVer]] + [[ bugs]] + ((/Org/Tools)) (most popular) + WackoWiki:Org/Tools/Repository [[*/ хх]]

English articles
[[ WA:node/english_description]] I can find it! [[!/description]]

[[ NPJ/translation]]  == !/TransDocs
[[ НпжФункции]] == !/FuncTion


We have some community for developments:

До свидания.