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  1. Apathy

    the ancient Greek word “idiot” referred to a civic apathy, not intelligence
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    • 04.12.2011 13:32 edited
  2. Ensure description precedes content:encoded

    Ensure description precedes content:encoded[...]onBeforeContent.html

    While either the description or the content:encoded elements may contain the full content of an item, the description element is more widely supported than the content:encoded element in the context of an RSS 2.0 feed.

    When both elements appear in an RSS 2.0 item, some consumers will simply pick up the last such element.
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    • 10.04.2016 13:51 edited
  3. Comment 121

    I am available right now, ping me if I need you. Tnx.
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    OK, it looks like you have finished already.
    sorry, I was on meeting at a time you asked me to connect you...
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