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0000011WackoWikilocalizationpublic2019-02-14 04:54
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Summary0000011: Wish: page translation support
DescriptionMany sites, such as itself, need access for users with different languages. That does not only mean Wiki UI, but the contents as well.
Look at - many pages are translated to a lot of languages. But even there, it seems, page links are done manually.
Of course, when each translation will be edited by different people, it s not possible to make automatical sync between them, but i think at least there could be some support.
It can be denoted in URL by upper domain name, like in WikiPedia or by some option like page version.
When user opens page, Wiki engine could try to find page with proper language (according to user's setting of his native language) and fallback to English if not found.
If we have new English version and old native-language varsion, then user is to be prompted.
As well, each page then can have Translations section somewhere in the template, allowing user (with a popup page/frame/DHTML layer, i think - so it would not overload each page) to switch to any existing translation or to switch to not-existing translation (i.e. create it).

That is not ideal - but that would be much more than most of other CMS allows to webmaster.
Additional InformationSince the page names are to be different in different languages, it also would be cool to see Wiki Synonims and to allow user to select default title of the page (so link like SomeSamplePage!Ru will not show 'Some Sample Page' in text, but, say, '????????-??????')
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