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0000227WackoWikicorepublic2009-08-19 09:38
ReporterTann San Assigned ToTann San  
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Target Version4.3.rcFixed in Version4.3.rc 
Summary0000227: Wanted Pages list has wrong count for referrers
DescriptionSay it lists pages like:

Dogs (20)
Cats (30)
Fishies (10)

Those counts will be wrong. Something is funky in the SQL code.
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Tann San

2008-09-08 12:33

manager   ~0000501

The problem was that we did this:

SELECT DISTINCT wackos_links.to_tag AS tag

at the start of the SQL line. Then later on we did:


This caused a confused state in SQL where it would use the incorrect "tag" field from one of the tables and not our localised temp column name. The simple fix was to rename it in those two segments as well as on the actions/wanted.php file. Once that was done it showed a whole load of results wereas before I only saw one with a combined total count.

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