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0000289WackoWikiinstallerpublic2009-10-13 16:05
ReporterTann San Assigned ToTann San  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.4.0 
Fixed in Version5.0.beta 
Summary0000289: Final page of installer needs to be clearer when indicating what the user should do.
DescriptionAt the moment, if they have not set the permissions for the config file it uses a warning to tell them that the file writing failed. It then outputs the code for them to manually copy and paste.

There are no instructions for what to do with the outputted code. It seems logical to us programmers but to a total n00b it's meaningless without instructions.

As well as instructions we should have a "Continue To Your Wiki" type button and indicate that they should only click that once they've manually made and uploaded their config file, otherwise it will restart the installer.

Maybe have it do a check when they submit to make sure the config file is valid and not let them proceed to the main site till it's updated. That way they don't lose their as yet unsaved config data.
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