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0000031WackoWikitext formattingpublic2010-04-16 15:51
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Summary0000031: ??(yellow) text yellow marked??
Descriptionwhat about that?
should'nt made that much work, would be a nice useful option, like highlighter marker pens and made formatting more consistent

-> hilitecolor.gif
Additional Information??(red) text red marked??
??(green) text green marked??
??(blue) text green marked??
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parent of 0000007 closedTann San New set of highlighters: %%(colorer lang) ... %% 



2007-08-28 23:16

manager   ~0000025

23-02-2005 19:01

    I don't sure that it is good.

Yellow color is very hard to read.
23-02-2005 23:33

    marked yellow meaning highlighting ;), not the color of the letters itself
24-02-2005 00:59

    It will be very complicated for users because red, green and blue is colors of text, not background.
25-02-2005 18:12

    i think it is quite usefull to highlight with yellow color. see attached file for easy understanding. i use that far more than to change colors of text, because blue or green letters don't catch my attention.
07-03-2005 19:21

    Maybe we should change default style of ##-formatting to yellow-background?
07-03-2005 21:09

    I like the idea of ??(green) text green marked?? , because ?? is already a highlighter and can expanded for other colors. The scheme is easy to understand, like text coloring !!(green), if someone mixed up - he will got immediately see the result - so where is the clue?

## is now used for actions, fragments of code and the stuff like, so why touching.

for example we use wiki extensive for excerpts from Books and want highlight text for several purposes (yellow, green and red)

Tann San

2007-08-29 03:39

manager   ~0000034

I reckon that is the solution to it but it needs to be implemented in the current SVN copy before it can be marked as resolved. It's just begging for a color picker on the text editor tool bar :¬)


2007-08-31 00:55

administrator   ~0000050

as extention the full set, but in core it's better to implement only a subset

less is much more -> use as wiki

Tann San

2007-08-31 09:28

manager   ~0000053

what's the difference? most users will only use a basic subset but by having the full set implemented it means it's much easier for them to pick a sub set that matches their theme/style.

Tann San

2007-10-15 06:41

manager   ~0000146

Last edited: 2009-01-06 16:54

Implemented as described here:

I had to edit that page and remove the css styling around the big color list to get the page to display properly. Cut off early before.

We now have an additional 144 foreground and background highlighters :¬)

List of colors is here:

Tann San

2007-10-15 10:55

manager   ~0000152

i think to avoid making problems like this in the future i'll only do tasks that are on the roadmap page. if they're not on there i won't touch them including changes sent via email. feal like im stepping on peoples toes :¬/


2007-10-16 23:03

administrator   ~0000158

we will start the project end of november, and especially this issue effects more "hidden" issues, how you can see above also on Romans hesitation to join my suggestion, I won't discuss this here in detail now

Tann San

2007-10-17 00:03

manager   ~0000159

what hidden issues are those? if Roman is mb in the original notes then he is not saying there is a problem with what I put into SVN. The problem he is referring to is what kukutz says about changing the syntax to do highlighting to ## instead of !!(color). The color system I put in just adds extra colors to the current sytem and uses the same syntax i.e. !!(lightblue) lightblue!!

kid6 stomps foot, makes a rude sound with their wagglin tongue and storms outta the room :¬#


2007-10-17 00:11

administrator   ~0000160

Last edited: 2009-02-21 09:40

mb -> me!
kukutz -> Roman

Tann San

2007-10-17 00:17

manager   ~0000161

kid6 peers into room...

what does this mean then? "how you can see above also on Romans hesitation to join my suggestion" I thought you were referring to something he said on this page.


2007-10-17 00:35

administrator   ~0000162

Last edited: 2009-01-06 16:53

search for: Niemals.

pls. let us talk about this later, over voip - considerations etc. bla bla

Tann San

2007-10-17 09:34

manager   ~0000163

but that just backs up what I said before. We're talking about two different things. The addition of extra colors has not changed the existing formatting. By that I mean a change to formatting being like:

!!(blue)Some blue text!!

getting changed to

##(blue)Some blue text##

All we've done is to add some extra colors. You're taking the whole "Don't change the formatters" thing to literally as in "Don't even delete a space character out of a code comment in there". Now I've changed my mind and I vote that the changes should stay - nar nar nar nar nar

Tann San

2007-12-01 15:41

manager   ~0000224

it's done, it works, it adds almost nothing to the download size, it adds extra functionality for those who want to use it in their own themes, it's awesome.


2007-12-01 16:12

administrator   ~0000226

Last edited: 2007-12-02 13:01

dispute, we shouldn't mix these two concepts


2010-04-16 00:53

administrator   ~0000758

Last edited: 2010-04-16 01:01

made X11colors optional via config

it is hardly used (in my opinion it shouldn't be used at all - it contradicts for me the concept of a Wiki, wich means using a very small subset for formatting ) so we load the code part and CSS only if set to active
allow_x11colors = 0 (default)

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