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0000032WackoWikiformatterpublic2019-02-01 17:02
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Product Version4.2 
Target Version5.5.8Fixed in Version5.5.8 
Summary0000032: formaters like 'wacko wrapper' suppress actions like RandomPhrase
Descriptionusing a formatter such as 'wacko wrapper=box' to wrap up content "dynamically" generated by RandomPhrase action (or actions which use some kind of formating itself) does not run the action each time you visit the page. the wrapped action is only performed once on saving the page.


"" %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_align="left" wrapper_width=400)
**randomphrase citations** {{RandomPhrase page="SomePage"}} %% ""

will wrap a generated random citation from "SomePage" - instead of wrapping the prefered action.

Uunfortunately, it does not perform the action each time you re-visit the page. It still shows the same citation like on saving the page. Using RandomPhrase i would expect to read a different random-phrase of SomePage each time i visit a page and then see it nicely wrapped somehow.
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related to 0000067 resolved actions and links were not processed dynamically inside %%(wacko) %% formatter 



2019-02-01 17:01

administrator   ~0001028

Fixed see 0000067

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