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0000329WackoWikiformatterpublic2018-08-06 14:37
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Product Version4.2 
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Summary0000329: Better support for SQL comments in SQL highlighter
DescriptionThe 4.2 SQL highlighter %%(sql)... doesn't do SQL comments very well. That is, both
the "--" comments that go until the end of line and the "Pascal-type" block
comments. Following is a sample with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

SELECT * FROM sys.tables

DECLARE @MyVar int -- here is an end-of-line comment

Declare @MyVarToo /* xyz embedded */ varchar(20)


Or a "big block" comment

SELECT nuttin from notable


I'm wondering if anybody has looked at this for 4.3, or if I could possibly

I am more expert in (SQL Server) SQL than in PHP, but I understand syntax
parsing pretty well and could take a look.
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