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Summary0000039: Manage user accounts online
DescriptionAt the moment you cannot delete a user without going into SQL and manually removing all trace of them from there. It would be good to have a page you can go to and modify a users details as well as delete them. Each user can modify their own details at the moment but an admin cannot modify a users details without knowing their login information.
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2007-08-31 01:16

administrator   ~0000051

this was planned for R5.0

-> additional and more convenient mechanisms of the administration

Tann San

2007-08-31 09:26

manager   ~0000052

The actual deleting the user bit is pretty straight forward, it's the repurcusions of doing it that I get a bit lost on. Say Johnny has made 50 pages and then he gets deleted. Who becomes the owner of his pages? Shouldn't his account remain for posterity purposes so you can look at the history and see that Johnny created the pages etc?

I'm thinking that IF the user has created any pages, made any changes or commented on any page then their account should not be deleted but locked with a note on their profile or possibly next to their name like "Johnny (deleted user)" ELSE if they have not created/modified any pages and have not commented on any then we can just straight delete the account properly as in remove all trace of it from the system.

I suppose we could even take it up to another level. Say Johnny registered an account 3 months ago and has gone on to make 50 pages of spam plus commented on 100 other users pages with spam comments. It would be nice to be able to delete the user AND all their pages/comments. This could be done with a single tickbox or a popup prompt "Do you want to delete all their pages and comments?". Another option might be to list all the pages/comments they've made with tickboxes next to them so users can deselect any they want to keep.

Requires alot of planning of the various scenarios.


2007-09-03 12:01

administrator   ~0000067

Last edited: 2008-08-23 14:46

will open an wiki page for admin panel planning


2011-02-16 11:42

administrator   ~0000787

Last edited: 2012-03-11 16:59

Basic functionality is already provided by the new user panel.

Admin Panel -> Users

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