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DrFreeman, thank you for your remarks.
First question:
  * I agree with your statement that //Language chosen by user = N// applies only to unregistered user, provided that you replace //unregistered// by //not connected//.
  * but then if //language indicated in the configuration file// applies only to monolingual Wacko Wiki instance, how do we define the default language at registration time ?

Second question:
  * Anyhow, we should insure that if/when a language is made available, all service pages are inserted. It seems me simpler to insert all service pages in all available languages at time of install, but this only my opinion.
  * If the wiki is to be truly multilingual, IMO service pages names should be multilingual too.
  * I agree that it's not nice to see all services pages in the page list of the root cluster. But there could be a mechanism not to display it, may be based of the value of the user field in the pages table (do not display if it is WackoInstaller), or --probably safer -- if the tag or supertag field matches a record in a list of service pages.