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First question:
  * OK, but //not logged in// :-)
  * //The default language at the registration time// should be provided from the user's browser. When not, I agree that the default language is needed. But only for that kind of users that not yet logged in.

Second question:
  * If the wiki is //truly multilingual//, it should provide a mechanism to handle language versions of the pages, which not yet implemented for WackoWiki. I know only one //truly multilingual// site powered by WackoWiki -- this site. It provides "cluster per language" ideology. Let's think that page names are identifiers, "canonical" names, that's right.
  * I've opposed earlier against of use of identifiers in the human-readable text, also known as wiki links and tiki-wiki links. Identifiers are identifiers, it's computer language, not human one. Page names are identifiers, like file names. They are similar to human words, but have own syntax and semantics. System files always have the same name in all localizations. Service pages might too.