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First there is a short way around this for more complex tables, just use HTML via

##"" <# html here #> ""##

HTML must be enabled in the config: ##'allow_rawhtml' => 1##.

Second the Wacko Formatter syntax for the table got some changes, I merged from another branch/fork for the next release[*]. But the table syntax needs a revision.
This issue has two sides, one is to add more possibilities like TH and the like - on the other hand it adds complexity (code and syntax). How to meet the balance between what we want and need without rebuilding HTML syntax just with Wiki syntax?

  * ((/Dev/NewFeatures/SyntaxForTableHeader Syntax For Table Header))
  * bugs:277

So I suggest you open a new ticket in the bug tracker for that and we can add a relationship to ((bugs:277 bug #277)).

search for ##// table begin##
((source:master/wacko/formatter/class/wackoformatter.php /formatter/class/wackoformatter.php))

For comparison the Wikka Table Syntax: