working with fixed width tables isn't quite a joy, and joining cells only works for last right cells, alas.

Maybe formatting tables could be a little optimised?



...spans cell22 under cell12 and cell13. How can I span cell21 under cell11 and cell12 and only place cell22 under cell13?

Maybe the use of <-2> (for colspan) and <|2> (for rowspan) as used in MoinMoin can be of any help?


For fixed width I'm using the wrapper page:

||%%(wacko wrapper=page wrapper_width=100)cell11%%|%%(wacko wrapper=page wrapper_width=100)cell12%%||

But the wrapper only works for the first row... if cell21 is wider than 100px, than cell11 is automatically widend (text is wrapped anyway after 100px).

Is it possible to create a special table wrapper or make the existing wrapper universal for all table rows?

Kind regards and keep on coding for this excellent small Wiki!


  1. Re: Tables

    First there is a short way around this for more complex tables, just use HTML via

    <# HTML here #>

    HTML must be enabled in the config: 'allow_rawhtml' => 1.

    Second the Wacko Formatter syntax for the table got some changes, I merged from another branch/fork for the next release[*]. But the table syntax needs a revision.
    This issue has two sides, one is to add more possibilities like <th> - on the other hand it adds complexity (code and syntax). How to meet a balance between what we want and need without rebuilding HTML syntax just with Wiki syntax?

    *|heading 1|heading 2|heading 3|*
    ||cell 1-1|cell 1-2|cell 1-3||
    ||cell 2-1|cell 2-2||

    search for // table begin

    There is certainly space for improvements ...

    Table Syntax comparison
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