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Refactoring is the only known way to prevent the transformation of our knowledge base in a lot of knowledge. This method assumes responsibility for the ownership of the document and some of the culture of this ownership.

In such an environment, like a wiki, you can edit anyone, where discussions are conducted directly in the body of the document, and there is something is deleted, merged, there are some time-stamp (especially in draft), any document soon turns into a completely unreadable mess. A couple of people most actively involved in the work, yet can understand it, but another developer this is not under force.

To avoid this, each document wiki requires periodic review and revision. This is called refactoring. But who will take on this? The administrator of the website and the wiki? He already have enough work, and then there's such a lot of pages! Is no solution?

There is a solution! Each document has an owner, to whom this task should be able to do. He needs to look only for their own documents. If he does not feel responsible, you may transfer administration (together with the right of ownership to another user of the wiki.

There are several schemes, which supported various degrees of document order and eliminate the consequences of the chaotic effects, for example, attacks wiki spammers and wiki-squatters or edits not too experienced users.

From time to time on page, open to all, has strange characters that remove content pages, insert messy links to their (or others') websites, write profanity. Some even try to settle in the place, where just been your documents.

One of the mechanisms of deterrence such unseemly behaviour is a CAPTCHA system (automated Turing test), however it can withstand only major attacks robots. Another way is to severely limit the possibility of unauthorized and unknown visitors. But in many cases this is not acceptable or manageable so that you have to put up with the attacks. In such cases it is important to be notified about the attack.

With this excellent job function "" watching the document. Please note the link "watch" at the top of the page and just remember. It is useful to you. "Watching" for the page, you will receive by mail the reports about the changes observed pages and be able to react on an attack.

In this situation it is enough to open the last unaffected by the attack version of the document and re-save. This will return a document in the previous normal state. Of course, in case of further attacks to access the page would have to be curtailed.

Structuring document generally refers to the post-proofreading and conduct discussions in the body of the document. Remember that not all the participants are fluent in wiki markup and know the order of conducting wiki discussions. So many documents and discussions lose their neat appearance, if no one "grooms" them, bringing in line with the formatting rules.

The same requirement applies to keeping up to date description of the document and keywords list: both available in the property tab. It is necessary to simplify the search of information directly on the site, and to properly index your pages by search engines Google, Yandex and others.