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Hi, Thanks for the response and interest in possibly providing a solution to my inquiry. Basically I would like to see a toggle setting that allows users to list comments either with the most recent **OR** the oldest comment at the top of the list of page comments. It would be nice if this was a setting accessible per user - perhaps through the Account >> User settings » General screen. If that is really difficult, then perhaps the admin.php page or even the config.php file to set this for all users.

It would also be really nice to support //Conversation Threading// so that a reply to a comment is indented under the parent comment. This would require the commenter to either start a new comment thread **OR** reply (comment) in respect to any existing comment. That choice should be available any time and on any page the user has the ability to make a comment. I would not suggest that a threaded comment text automatically include all comments that are hierarchical to that thread. I don't think it is necessary to give the user the choice of listing all comments in a time linear manner if he can have a hierarchical comment view. If you end up providing threading, then listing the top level of the thread in a most recent **OR** oldest topic on top is fine.

If you provide some kind of hierarchical listing, it would be nice to be able to selectively collapse the thread items - only showing the original comment title. This collapsing should be available to any thread and the setting should be "remembered" from one session to the next session. Again, this threading and collapsing is secondary in importance to the first request made above.

If I can help further on this, please don't hesitate to ask. Additionally, if you would like me to check out any code functionally, I am happy to do that.