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===State 1: The recovery_password in config.php is empty.===

<[ The administrative password is not specified!
Note: The absence of an administrative password is threat to security!
Enter your password in the configuration file and run the program again.]>

  (a) generate the recovery_password with the ##""{{admin_recovery}}""## action as Admin
  and set it in config.php


  (b) purge the old config cache via the ##""{{admincache}}""## action

===State 2: Admin Panel login available===

Admin Panel login screen

===State 3: The Admin Panel Lock is active.===

<[The site is temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance. Please try
again later.]>

cause 1:
  The Admin Panel Lock is active.

  Wrong password threshold reached

  reset config/lock_ap from 1 to 0

cause 2.1 -> the entered generated password didn’t match

cause 2.2 -> typo or wrong hash

  regenerate password hash and compare or reset the current one in config.php

cause 3 -> ##_cache/config/config.php## holds the old value

  purge the old config cache via the ##""{{admincache}}""## action