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I assume you use the latest version of WackoWiki, which is now **!!(green)6.0.12!!**. If the documentation is not clear or simply missing information, please help to improve it. As longtime user you see things which are not obvious to others.

**Recovery password**
Did you delete the _cache/config/**config.php** file after setting the ##recovery_password## in the **config/config.php** file? You can do this manually or via the ##""{{admincache}}""## action. When the old config cache is not cleared, it still takes the old data despite you've set a new value.


The config cache contains the data from ((/Dev/Components/Configuration the primary and secondary config)). Usually the cache gets updated as soon as a new value is set in the application, setting the ##recovery_password## manually is the exception. 

  1. config/config.php
  1. _cache/config/config.php

**Adding a new theme**
WackoWiki 6.0 supports currently only the ((/Dev/Themes/Default default theme)), other themes from previous versions must be ported to the new version, which uses Unicode and the new ((/Dev/Projects/Templatest template  engine)). If you want modify or port a theme I can help out regarding using the new template engine and other details, but maintaining other themes is up to the authors and users. Porting all these themes is simply not feasible. Nonetheless it is planned to bring some popular themes back.

  * ((/Doc/English/Themes Creating your own Theme))

**Switching to another theme**
Themes are set in the secondary config (config table) for guests or as default for new users.

As registered user you can chose your own theme if available and allowed. The used theme is set with user session.

  * ((/Dev/Components/Configuration Configuration))

To see what values are actually used in the current session, please set the ##debug## mode to ##3##.
((/Doc/English/AdminPanel Admin panel)) -> Preferences -> System -> Debug mode

theme -> [ guest | user ] -> session

possible error sources
  * uses still the same guest session
  * uses as guest the old page cache (server/browser)  

The theme is set in the ##run()## function of the Wacko class.

Please test your settings again. One way is to copy the default theme for instance as default_red, change the background color in this theme to red and try to switch the theme. It should work with the default settings out of the box. I hope this will help to narrow down the error source.