Action: Gallery

Compatible with: R5.5
Current version: beta



Gallery action allows you to create a photo gallery with small pictures, linked to larger versions. Gallery uses standard WackoWiki file model.

Image Manipulation


  1. PHP 5 and GD 2.0+
  2. PHP Thumb Library (add here: lib/phpthumb/)
  3. folder files/thumbs



  1. Repo: http://wackowiki.hg.sourceforg[..]y/action/gallery.php (add here: actions/)
  2. PHP Thumb Library (add here: lib/phpthumb/)
  3. (add here: js/)


  1. Copy gallery.php to actions directory on your Wacko.
  2. Unpack and copy to js/ directory
  3. Unpack and copy phpthump to lib/ directory
  4. Create a writable folder under files/thumbs/
  5. default.css
    • .gallery figure:hover {
      	background-color: #CCFFCC;


Then you call action {{gallery}} with params:

[page = "page_tag"] – call image from another page
[perrow = <Number of images per rows> (default = 3)]
[nodesc = 1] – hide descriptions
[title = "Gallery"] – album title
[toblank = "1|new"] – show large images without page (if = "new" in new browser window)
[nomark = 1] – hide external border
[group_id = "text_group_id"] – group ID of the group, for the organization of scrolling
[table = 1] – pictures in table

[order = "time|FILENAME|size|size_desc|ext"]
[owner = "UserName"]
[max = number]

Set the parameter toblank="new" to use fancyBox.

Example: {{gallery table=1 toblank="new" title="Local pictures"}}
-> Example for Testing


fancyBox: There is an issue with a license change since version 2.0 if you use it for commercial purpose. – licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0

Perhaps we find a maintained replacement with an MIT / Apache / BSD license so we can add it to the core.

  1. [MIT license]
  2. [MIT license]
  3. [MIT license]

You can change source code on your purposes.

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