Typography Corrector

Special symbols

The main function of the page is to replace it with auto-correct characters. Pay attention to the quotes-Christmas trees and the processing of cons. Minuses are converted to dashes only if surrounded by delimiters (spaces, line breaks, tabs)

Input Output HTML
"русский" «русский» « »
"english" “english” “ ”
<text> «text» « »
- (minus) &#150; average dash
-- (2 minus) &#151; long dash
(c) ,(C) © ©
(r) ,(R) ® <sup>®</sup>
(p) ,(P) § §
+- ± ±
^C °C °C
^F °F °F


Partitioning into paragraphs
Enabling the macro encapsulates all the text in the <p> tags, the paragraphs are separated by a pseudo-tag <//>, in the input field you can enter an additional paragraph attribute

Red line
Small red line: <-> (insert /z.gif length 25 pixels.)
Large red line: <-> (insert /z.gif length 50 pixels.)

Auto-mailto, -http
Automatic wrapping of links. Simplified format allows you to refuse the need to enter a protocol to recognize the link.

Splitting into strings is limited. Lengths
The macro breaks the text into lines of no more than the specified number of characters, as delimiters of words using spaces. In the case when he appears before an unbearable construct of too long length, he cuts it into pieces of the proper size.
NB: When using this macro, the string translation heuristic is automatically used.


Translating strings
Enabled heuristics replaces line feeds on <br>. You can only include the replacement of double transfers (as an alternative to paragraphs).

Prepositions and nbsp;
Bold heuristics suggests that short words (1-3 characters) should not break away from following them. Therefore, it replaces the separators following a short word with a non-breaking space.

Dashes and nbsp;
Conclusion of all words separated by dashes into <nobr> tags.

Commas and spaces
Control negligence of the author. Removes random spaces before commas and periods.

Prevent HTML tags
Prevents the use of HTML tags and special sequences &xxxx; in the text.