Testing 🦕 🐘 🐉

  • Upgrade to R5.17 -> R6.0.x
  • Installation of R6.0
  • 🦕 🐘 🐉



shared hosting: /tmp

PHP Notice:  fwrite(): write of 624 bytes failed with errno=28 No space left on device in /server/wiki/class/sessionfilestore.php on line 104

No space left on device (28) is a common error in Linux servers that is caused either due to lack of disk space or due to exhaustion of inodes.


  1. Re: Wrong links

    FIXED -> revision:6e00e2a and added a redirect for legacy installations. For older versions a redirect is set in the wiki.

    BTW. we can also change /Doc/Русский/Actions to /Doc/Русский/Действия, Latin was used here to circumvent a translit issue on pages with another charset.
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