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Upgrade your WackoWiki from **!!(green)5.5.x!!** to **!!(green)6.0.x!!**.

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See also the migration guides for WackoWiki versions ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Upgrade 5.0)), ((/Dev/Release/R5.4/Upgrade 5.4)), ((/Dev/Release/R5.5/Upgrade 5.5)) and ((/Dev/Release/R6.1/Upgrade 6.1)).
  1. Check ((/Dev/Release/R6.0/ReleaseNotes Release Notes)) for requirements.
  1. **Back up your data:**
    1. your **wiki database** (e.g. via phpMyAdmin or the backup module in the ((/Doc/English/AdminPanel Admin Panel))),
    2. your **wiki folder**.

%%(info type="important")
Backup your data! Before doing anything, backup your existing database and files. Also ensure that during migration nobody uses the database, because it may cause loss of data.
  2. It is imperative that you make a backup of your WackoWiki database before you upgrade.
  3. The upgrade procedure transfers your installation instance data from the old version to the new version. Migration from the new version back to the old version is not supported.

===Pre-Upgrade Routines for R6.0===
Skip this section if you do not upgrade from R5.5.
%%(info type="warning")
Ensure you run the latest **((/Dev/Release/R5.5/ReleaseNotes R5.5.17))** release, an upgrade from earlier versions is **not** supported. Run the following routines in your WackoWiki **!!(green)R5.5.17!!** **before** you upgrade to **!!(green)R6.0.x!!**.
====Convert Tables from MyISAM to InnoDB====
If you have existing MyISAM tables, you have to convert them to InnoDB with the following routine. 
  * Admin Panel -> Database -> Convert

====Convert your tables and records to UTF-8====
You should run the the first part of the routines **prior** to your upgrade to R6.0.x.
  * **((/Dev/Release/R6.0/Upgrade/DatabaseConversion Database UTF-8 Conversion Script))**

  1. ((/Download/LegacyVersions Download 
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Delete **all** wacko folders and files from you current installation, **except** 
    * ##config/config.php##
    * ##file/##
  4. Copy the new wacko.6.0.x files in your WackoWiki installation folder
  5. Delete the cache file under ##cache/config/config.php##.
  6. Check ((/Doc/English/FilePermissions file permissions))

If you have created custom themes, actions, handlers or formatters in the old version of WackoWiki, then you need to restore them from the backup you made at the beginning. Check their compatibility and fix them if necessary.

Call the URI of your Wiki in your browser. The installer starts and tells you (IMPORTANT) that you are **upgrading** from **!!(green)5.5.x!!** to **!!(green)6.0.x!!**
  * go through all steps
  * ((/Doc/English/Upgrade/Screenshots Screenshots from Upgrade procedure))


If you've had set custom values in ##constant.php##, ##router.conf##, ##csp_custom.conf## or elsewhere, you must set or merge these values again.

====Re-Synchronize data====
After successful upgrade you can perform a re-rendering for all intrasite links to rebuild the records of the ##page_link## and ##file_link## table.
  * Admin Panel -> Synchronizing data -> Wiki-links
You can tune the re-rendering settings to avoid timeouts or reaching the memory limit. This is mostly interesting for shared hosting or servers you do not manage. The server terminates then the script without further notice.

If the re-rendering fails just reduce the number of pages it renders per turn, the redirect LIMIT is set to 10. If you reach the redirect limit the script will provide you with a link **Next »**, which  you have to click to render the next batches of pages. Furthermore avoid possible session timeouts while the script is running.

====Unicode transition issues====
Skip this section if you do not upgrade from R5.5.

The migration to **Unicode** is an ongoing process. It may require manual adjustments over a longer period of time.  Below we will share our experience, findings and possible solutions.

=====Replace old transliterated links and supertag references=====
Before you run any SQL UPDATE command create a backup beforehand. One error and you may loose all your data.
%%(sql)UPDATE prefix_page SET body = REPLACE(body, '/Doc/Русский/Obnovlenie', '/Doc/Русский/Обновление');%%

Possible cases
  1. %% ((!/el ÅëëçíéêÜ @@el)) -> ((!/el Ελληνικά))%%
  2. %% ((/Doc/Русский/Obnovlenie ru)) -> ((/Doc/Русский/Обновление ru))%%
  3. %%file:/forum/discussion/ifmodifiedsinceheaderdoesnotworks/403_network_analysis.png
file:/Forum/Discussion/IfModifiedSinceHeaderDoesNotWorks/403_network_analysis.png %%

Alternatly the ##~{{admin_replace}}## action ((/Doc/English/Actions/AdminReplace can be used to replace these strings)).

%%(info type="note"  title="Note")
Furthermore look out for broken internal or incoming links. The page ##tag## is now **((BinaryTag accent and case-sensitive))**, what worked before with the supertag may now result in a 404 error. 
Set back ##body_r## afterwards, so the parser re-renders the pages with the changed content.
%%(sql)UPDATE prefix_page SET body_r = '';%%

====Custom themes, actions, formatters, handlers and other modifications====
Do not forget to update and check your own modifications and extensions. Look out for changed functions or database changes.

  1. Please look in the ((source:master/community/ community folder)) or ((/Dev/PatchesHacks Patches section)) for available updates.
  1. ((/Doc/English/Themes Merge possible core changes in your own theme))

  1. {{comment text="Leave a comment here"}} if something is not clear or you have further questions.
  2. Do not hesitate to improve this instruction and the wording.