PDF embedding | type attribute: type="application/pdf"

Some loose thoughts about PDF embedding.

<embed> vs. <object>
From object to iframe — other embedding technologies


<embed type="video/webm" src="/media/cc0-videos/flower.mp4" width="250" height="200" />


<object type="application/pdf" data="/media/examples/In-CC0.pdf" width="250" height="200"></object>

Attached files

  • file:manual.pdf

External files

  • {{embed ...}}
  • <# <embed type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="450" src="https://example.com/file/global/manual.pdf"> #>


  • Does the embed action also accept the WackoWiki file: syntax?
    • add function to process file: syntax
  • Should we add the type attribute automatically, when we have the MIME type?
  • Should we add a parameter to embed a PDF via the file: syntax, e.g. file:manual.pdf?embed
  • How does the type attribute effects the PDF display in different browsers?

Work in Progress ...